Yes, I am a “dog mom” with two adorable pups named Bella & Stella.

My Story

I’m Erin Drummond, a creative web developer from “Almost Heaven” West Virginia. As a front-end developer, designer, and marketing expert, I have a passion for bringing other’s visions to life as well as assisting in the development of said vision. I love experimenting with new ideas and constantly learning, so I will stop at nothing to ensure your website looks exactly how you want.


After being born and raised in Delaware, I found myself travelling down country roads to attend West Virginia University for my bachelor’s degree. At the time, I knew I wanted to find a career where I could use my passion for designing, writing, and editing to help others; so I studied journalism. I focused on public relations during my studies at the Reed College of Media, granting me expertise in marketing. Towards the end of my education, I was promoted to the Managing Editor (or top position) of the school’s newspaper and put most of my focus on the overall design and web aspects.

After that, I joined the “adult world” and received my job as an administrative assistant for a century-old insurance agency with little-to-no marketing or web exposure. As I built these from scratch, I completely redesigned the company’s website using HTML and CSS coding, which I had to teach myself via online sources. It was then that I finally found the calling that had been screaming at me for years: web design and development.

I immediately began applying to schools to work towards a master’s degree in a technology field so that I could expand the knowledge I had to teach myself. Soon enough, I was accepted to Southern New Hampshire University’s online master’s program for Information Technology. I chose a concentration of software application development and use these studies to learn as much as I can in coding and design, both of which I experiment with in freelance work.


As said before, I want to help people bring their dream website to life, whether its through coding, graphics, or any other means. As I continue my education online, I hope to be able to transition into a career involving my passion sooner rather than later. Although there is (and always will be) more for me to learn, I am eager for the challenges ahead.